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Designing and constructing cottage properties goes beyond the demands of building a day-to-day home. Why? Cottages have been deemed as not only real estate investments, but also as “lifestyle investments”. At GMB, we respect your decision to invest into your real estate portfolio and your lifestyle. With our services, first and foremost, we aim to elevate your property to yield more enjoyment for you and your family when you’re up in Muskoka. We also will guide you towards renovating and building your property to be more marketable, with options for trendy finishes and designs, should you also want to increase the equity of your property.

Cottage Design

The perfect cottage begins with the perfect architectural design. GMB’s custom design services will help you plan and illustrate your property so you can get a visual of the finished product before we break ground. Our team will create detailed architectural drawings and floor plans for your build, as well as transform them into photorealistic 3D renderings. To us, having a plan is essential to carrying out a successful build – we ensure that your plans are best optimized to your needs.

We offer cottage design services, including:

  • Design Consultation, and Inspiration discovery
  • Sketches and Renderings to illustrate your space
  • Design and Drafting of engineer approved drawings
  • Interior design services – Paint, fixtures, material finishings
  • Coordination with architects – Sourced by you or us.

General Contracting

GMB’s general contracting services are your solution for your custom cottage renovations and additions. Our in-house team of professionals will listen to your concerns and best guide you as to how to go about your cottage renovation. Since no two projects are the same, GMB will assist you towards building a better cottage with a hand-picked selection of builders and suppliers that are best tailored to your project.

Our general contracting services cover:

  • Renovations, including: kitchen, bathroom, attic, basement
  • Additions, including: room expansions, bump-outs, and additions of rooms, attics, basements
  • Custom designs and material selections for your project

Project Management

When you and your family have specific needs, it may be difficult to find a suitable existing property that fits them all. GMB’s project management professionals will help you start from the ground up with a custom cottage design or renovation to allow countless opportunities for you to tailor-build your cottage. When you’re our client, we hold ourselves accountable for managing each step of your project, from obtaining building permits, to coordinating architects and tradespeople to ensure a timely project completion.

We offer project management services, including:

  • Estimating project costs, and adhering to your budget
  • Obtaining building permits and remaining compliant with zoning regulations
  • Placing material orders from our suppliers
  • Coordinating the timeline of your project

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